3 Underutilized but Powerful LinkedIn Features

3 Underutilized but Powerful LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn is the ultimate social media platform for professionals. With over 560 million users, LinkedIn is the perfect place to network and share content.

Over the past few years, LinkedIn has gone under a radical social transformation. We have seen the developers of the platform add some exciting new features.

These features have made LinkedIn the top business network of the world. This social platform is a digital agent for resumes as well as a prospecting tool for salespeople. Yet, many of its users underutilize LinkedIn's best features.

In this article, we shall examine some of the features that most people overlook.

1. Rich Media

At the beginning of May 2013, LinkedIn introduced functionality that made it possible to share rich media. Rich media in this context includes images, presentations, and documents. This feature allows users to post rich media items on their homepages.

To use this feature, click on the paper clip that appears on the right side of your share box. Select the items that you wish to upload then complete the sharing process. To share media items that reside elsewhere, paste the URL on the share box.

Your profile acts as your digital representation. It makes sense to spice it up and improve its visual appeal. Companies can use the Rich Media feature to post some event photos infographics.

You can also use images to inspire action. Through pictures and documents, you can post your next job opening or event announcement. Images are easier to interpret, and they commanded better response rates than raw texts.

Rich media makes your profile appealing to possible recruiters or potential buyers. It is the perfect way to showcase your portfolio.

2. LinkedIn Mentions

At the beginning of the year 2013, LinkedIn rolled out its Mentions feature. This feature (according to LinkedIn) was supposed to cultivate a more engaging experience for the community. Over seven years later and the trend hasn't entirely caught on.

The LinkedIn Mentions feature is a powerful tool. Dropping a mention is a great way to spark a conversation with your network. When you mention someone on a post, they get a notification. LinkedIn Mentions increases the possibility of getting a response.

This feature is excellent for small business owners and salespeople who use LinkedIn for lead generation. Instead of hoping that your first-degree connection will stumble upon your post, you can mention them. LinkedIn Mentions also improves the visibility of your post. Your target can find the post in a sea of network activity.

To use the LinkedIn Mentions feature, find your way to the share box or comment section. Type the character "#" followed by the name of your target. As you begin to type, you will notice a series is suggestions. Scroll through the suggestions and click on the name of your desired contact.

The best part is that you can drop a mention at the beginning, center, or end of your post.

3. Memorable Headlines

A LinkedIn headline is at the top section of a user's profile. A LinkedIn headline is a description of yourself condensed in one line. A compelling headline should describe you and what you do.

Most people find it hard to condense themselves in one line and end up with the default option. It is no wonder that this feature is one of the most underutilized and ignored features of LinkedIn.

Letting LinkedIn choose your headline for you could cost you in the long end. With a carefully crafted headline, you can distinguish yourself or your business. A catchy headline gives prospective buyers and potential recruiters a reason to check out your profile.

To make the most out of the 120 character limit, I suggest that you get creative with your headline. Tailor your message to the target audience. Describe the value that you offer. Do not forget to optimize the headline with industry-specific keywords. 

Below are some examples of memorable headlines:

"Enterprise Software Executive: Working with Retailers to Optimize Performance, Profitability, and Productivity.

"Inspiring Growth in Small Businesses and Startups with Hubspot"

You only get one shot at a first impression; you might as well make it memorable.

Take Advantage of Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn has become the go-to site for professional networking. The platform allows both professionals and companies to connect and share ideas. Without a doubt, this networking site is a powerful tool for seeking jobs, generating leads, and recruiting.

Over the years, we have witnessed the evolution of the site with the addition of useful tools. Sadly, not everyone takes advantage of the tools available to them. The three features above are some of the most underused yet powerful tools. With the knowledge that this article imparts in you, I hope that you can learn to appreciate these features. These tools are powerful, and with some creativity, you can use them to further your career and grow your business.