Your Viral Contagion: Take Back Your Brand’s Positioning Online

Ignoring social media in terms of marketing--especially as regards your brand--is a bad idea. Social media has some downright incredible qualities. Essentially, anyone who has an internet connection can have a voice that has the potential to go viral.

This means "gate keepers" can be maneuvered around. Anyone can be a niche authority, provided they're willing to put in the time, and that's the difficulty. Designing content requires dedicated effort and brainpower.

It's hard to know what to say sometimes. What should you talk about? What's a subject that will interest your target market? It's not just statuses on Facebook, or video content on TikTok that can leave someone looking to be an influencer on social media scratching their head. Even Twitter posts can be impacted by "writer's block". In terms of long or short-form content, social media offers plenty of opportunity, but remaining consistent is tough. Following we'll explore several  guidelines to help you be more consistent with content production.

Maintaining Positivity

Happy posts are going to be better than those which are "sad" or "negative". People love humor. They also like beauty. Unfortunately, in modernity, controversy does tend to initiate viral impact; but you don't want to court this for fear of dividing your demographic in half.

Don't whine on social media. Avoid getting caught in the "fray" of argumentation which comes with controversial topics. Sometimes a "flame war" will start in the comments section of a post you've made even if there's nothing controversial about it. Be a leader, and court positivity as best you can.

Determining Themes And Sticking To Them

Figure out what sort of recurring themes define your brand. Write content across varying social media platforms which conform to these themes. You can develop entire families of content for individual theme streams. Keep updating these streams at intervals.

Should a tangent suggest itself to you, provided you're professional and relatively positive in its presentation, don't be afraid of it. You're looking to produce regular content; tangents are quite helpful--provided they've got some bearing on associated brand themes.

Share Your Ideas, Provide Relevant Suggestions

You want to be a resource to your target demographic pertaining to contemporary issues. Some issues directly relate to your brand, some don't. Share what wisdom you've accrued. Make suggestions that are viable, valuable, and resonate with core demographics.

Try To Get Your Target Demographic Involved In The Conversation

You want those who are brand ambassadors and advocates to be regularly involved in relevant conversation about your brand. 2020 is an election year--there is fodder for conversation there; just be careful not to choose a side. Yes or no questions can be very worthwhile. Don't expect yes or no answers. Asking for feedback can work, but usually it won't. Open-ended questions are what you want to use.

You've Definitely Got An Opinion; Use Social Media To Communicate It

As a leader of your brand, you need to provide your opinion pertaining to varying issues, and in no uncertain terms. Granted, you don't want to give your opinions on politics or religion. It's perfectly fine to get people talking about these things, but if you put your foot down on one side or the other of the political fence, that's going to alienate clientele. You don't want that. Restrain yourself to opinions pertaining to that which is relevant to your brand.

Some controversy is good, some isn't--consultation can be wise here. But if you're just objective, that looks weak. All that being said, when you do make opinionated posts, be prepared for opposite opinions. This is another reason not to take a specific position on politics or religion. You can talk about them, just don't let readers know what you think. Let them fight it out in the comments. Look, these things can get out of control quick; provided you're moderate, that's a good thing. But be careful.

Truly Build Relationships With Clients And Peers Across Social Media Channels

You'll have individuals interacting with your brand online through varying social media outlets. Some will become very regular. Get to know them. Don't just be some faceless business. When you see someone who interacts with your materials regularly, tag them. They'll feel special and engage.

Conventional Wisdom Has Its Place, But Don't Be Afraid To Go Against It Occasionally

To be unique and visible today is hard; especially if you just follow the conventional wisdom of others. Experiment. Actually make little videos on TikTok and watch what happens. Go against the grain occasionally. Follow your brand message, but try new things and see what happens. Even the ideas in this article might not be best for your brand--rules are made to be broken; just not in all scenarios.